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Monday, October 13, 2003

Well Basketball sure has become an International sport, and is great to see that reflected in our interns, who we should all embrace so that they feel like one of us except foreign.
And so that leads me to a major incite about basketballs most physically and otherwsie ambitous internatrional characters:

Incite About Basketballs Most Physically and Otherwsie Ambitous International Characters

It was sad to note the passing into death of Bill Shoemaker , the 4'11 jockey who died yesterday doing what he loved: sleeping.
But the silver lining is that a great man is waiting in the wings to fit into the place that he once occupied, even if this great man has to fold himslef in half like a trapper keeper to occupy that space.


Manute Bol has announced that he will become a licensed jockey with the Indiana Horse Racing Commission to raise money for his war fondeled homeland of Sudan!!!!
This is such great news on aso many levels.

Level 1
It is a great story because Mantue Bol is an overcomer of odds and people love underdogs riding on horses.
Just look at Seabiscuit. Seabiscuit is a national treasure, but he will be put out to pasture by themlegend that Manute will prove.
Seabisacuit, say hello to ......."CHOCOLATE BISCOTTI"

You are never to far behind or to come back Chocolate Biscotti!!

And Manute can train on the Jarvis Hayes farm!!!!

Jarvis Hayes farm is the training home to many of the Michael Jordan Mules,
who may lack for speed and strength but msake up for it in naked obedience and fear.

I am sure that manute will be succesful in his new venture, if he brings even half the qualities to it that made him so beloved with the Washington Bullets:----- his big heart, and his comically misproportioned body!

Level 2

The sadder level.
Manute Bol has done everything a man can to help his war battered homeland.

He opened a cheaply furnished African restaurant and nightclub in the Adams Morgan area of Washington DC.

He fought the Refrigerator on national TV.

He placed his delicated frame on slippery ice.

And now hes going to saddle up for peace.

This pattern makes me worried. First of all I worry for Manutes delicate body, of course.
But mostly I worry for his self esteem.

As we have said before, Manute Bol is like the Sudan’s Muhammad Ali, but without the strength or integrity.

This is niot just our opinion.

Even his old friend Jim Lynam thinks so, as you can see in his amazon.com review of Manute: The Center of Two Worlds

I think that maybe Manute Bol is also the Sudanese Bob Geldof, but without the wealthy friends or integrity.
Because really, how much money could Manute have raised by selling a few hunbdred extra minor league hockey tickets? Sure, maybe he could buy the Sudanese Liberation Army a used Nissan Sentra, with Vanity "SDN RLZ" plates even, but if the US gave them 20 million dollars for non-lethal purposes, what difference do you feel you can make with your minstrell pleas?

Is is worth your self respect. It seems not. Are you a self-hating sudanese manute? We love you, and dont like to see you making an act out of yourself, unless you are doing so to win basketball games for us.
Even though it is funny in many mays to see you use your grotesquely distended limbs for antics usually reserved for regaulr sized people, it is also not funny after a while. Maybe this isnt about the sudan at all but about how you feel you need yto disprespect yourself to make others laugh, to be accepted. Maybe Manute was the kid in school who took 50 cents each from kids in the cafeteira to put a block of warm phily cream cheese down the front of his pants.

But anyway, this is still a happy moment i think for us all.
The CHOCOLOATE BISCOTTI can do what he sets his heart out to,
especially since the Racing Press and The Indiana Horse Racing Commission are DESIROUS to have a Mal-erected Dinkan jockey succeed!!!!

James - 7:22 PM




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