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Monday, October 20, 2003

Touching words from Captain Mitchell Butler!!!

BET head Robert Johnson took a few minutes out of his networks wall-to-wall KOBE coverage to hire his old friend and our old coach Bernie Butterstaffs!!!

The 58-year Bickerstaff previously led turnarounds in Washington, Denver and Seattle.

"He has always been a type of person who has moved teams who are in worse shape, and improved them dramatically in a few years' time," Bobcats vice president Ed Tapscott said.

ED TAPSCOTT also said that he succesfully underwent a procedure last year to DRAMTICALLY extend the length of his penis from 3 to 3.5 inches!!!

The season nears! The wizznutzz redesign is just aboutready to insert itself inot the forgiving yet pliant folds of the world wide internet !!!!

Jerry Stackhouse skipped too much as a boy and now has shot his knee. Surgery tomorrow to evaluate extent of damage and the cause of mysterious vinyl-burn on inner calfs!!!!

WE FEAR J STACK will not play 40 games this year! Maybe never!!!
Womans hips beget womens knees STACK!!
Look at historys long line of strictly ballroom nancy-waists: Albert Belle, Lorenzo Williams, Bo jackson... sure they were lite on their feet but gravity always finds a way to extort a price!!!
Now you can spend more time doing whats most important to you: cashing abe pollins paychecks and giving it the poor, and also to the rich, and prancing like a nimble penguin on your feminine pelvis!!

James - 7:11 PM




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