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Monday, October 06, 2003

SOme quality news to report as the Veterans aka Chris Whitney and Sister Christian report to CAmp!

First of all, did you all peep Gilbert Arenas aka O-Town in this months SLAM magazine????
Gilbert drops knowledge, and pants!
Best of all, lots of so-fresh big color glossys of OTown in a retro Bullets "0" jersey, looking sullen and suggestive!
Increase the Peace! Say no to bullets and handguns, or say no to them once the throwback jerseys are no longer popular with the little inner city kids with guns. Thanks Mister Pollin!
Heres a mos' blickityblack wallpaper of OTown for you to download and put on your computer to let the world know you say no and yes to bullets!

RObert Pack sighting! Pack is stepping it up. Pack isnt worried aboiut contracts and all that, he plays to win, BUT HE MOSTLY plays for FRee Gatorade and a TShirt!!!

Steve Wyche, the tireless beat repoorter for the POST, paints a touching portrait of the new budding relations between Kwame Brown and Jordon --- Eddie, NAY Michael.
Check out the first paragraph, and you can see why this portrait is painted in a paint called "Sherman Williams LOVE SUPREME Matt Primer"!!:

As Washington Wizards players left the basketball court at the College of Charleston after completing their first practice of the preseason today, third-year forward Kwame Brown sat with new coach Eddie Jordan at a table near the sideline. Their brief, private conversation ended with Jordan extending his fist and Brown doing the same until the two gently pounded knuckles.

"gently pounded knuckles"!!! Is that the New Windham Hill LP? or part of the E-Z-MOODZ Startbucks listening companion on heavy riotation at all Magic Johnson's Starbucks!!!
This new era is so great to see. EJ is tender, warm and paternal to his young fostered apprentice. Wheras MJ was hardhearted, virulent and paternal only to the bastard offspring he created with women opther than his wife like Karla Knapefell and Marla Maples!!!! Gently pounding knuckles ... if Salieri was in town, he would no doubt have called the both of them a pair of "Flaming Faggots."

Download the Kwame Wallpaper here, as pretend you are Eddie Jordan and tap knuckles with your machine and create love while at work!

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