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Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Jerry STACK goes under the knife in New York today.
FLame retardant lifemate GWiz at his side, along with friends Howie Mandell and Ruth Ginsberg.
Wizznutzz sources uncovered the following from J STACKS medical file::

Doctors report that Jerry Has "Internal Derrangement"!!!!
Salieri's poison is strong!

Former bullet Rod STrickland knows your PAIN JSTack.
Lets go back in a wizznutzz time capsule to Friday, January 10, 2003:

A Cardinal SIn!! Good thing we have lorenzos oil in medical cabinet for one magic healing when the roster opens up a spot like a pair of lanced buttocks. Get well soon ROD. We obtained theis secret medical file from Rods procedure to clear him of infectious contusions to the buttocks at Mount Sabrett Hospital:

WHy is there a file of Chico DeBarge in there?
Rodrodrod dont get involved in the cycle of abuse. I can see the symptoms, of you severe stress reactions (vomit, anxiety, etc.), Social isolation, powerless and contuous HOPE! and severelky bruised buttocks.
Break cycle with Slef esteeM, or like GWiz, wear padded suit at all times to hide your shame and meat.

More Chondromalacia aka LADYS-KNEE respources:
here and here

Doctors all seem to agree that the best thing for jerrys future is to spend time in pools and other non weightbearing activities like rolling about on a pink bed in his pajamas reading teenbeat!!! I have seen the future Jerry and hisn najme is WES!!

But the future is also JARVIS HAYES!!!!!

James - 6:44 PM




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