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Friday, October 24, 2003

I hope u enjoyed those Shamgoddities!

heres a few more quick links and a heartfelt message.

Go Juwan Howard !!

And the Toronto Star has a PENTRATING piece on the change in the wizards since Herr Salieri left on his fiery mule.
My favorite parts is when they talk about Michael Jordan rubbing kwame brown raw!!!!, and aslo how the "dark murals" have been removed from outside the locker room. Those dark murals were not just paintings my friends!!!

Preseason is coming to an end, and every credable sports annual and web site projects the wizards last ir near to it in the eastern conference.

The Oregonian aka "The Rashy Lady" newspaper braintrust suggests Gilbert Arenas is the worst free agent signing and that Kwame should put up or shut up!!!

Well, come back next week and see what we know that they dont when we give our informed incites and predictions for the season that bears down upon us like Jahidi on a naked and frightened Shia Laboeff!!!!!!!!!

The wizznutzz will be preapring for the season by slipping on our game-worn Greg Ballard shorts we got in bulk on ebay, crowding around a circuit city widescreen TV this saturday at 12 noon,. with a hot plate of Ken Beatrice Memorial Pom Noisettes and letting our imaginations seize us, watching the ESPN Classics rerun of the 1992 Bullets/Bulls game featuring Harvey Grant and AJ "Albert" English battling Micahel Jordan 10 years before his poisonous Salierous mission to DC!!!

James - 6:15 PM




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