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Sunday, October 12, 2003

Hi everyone, it's Christopher. It's exciting times around here at the WizzNutzz offices. We have a lot of interns coming in this fall. Yes, Dana and Ken promise to chime in now and then, but frankly we're not sure where they're at---mentally or physically (although I understand Ken still has less than 2% body fat). You've already met Jarkko Ruutu, our Finnish intern (he's enthusiastic, but you'll see, he knows ball) and you'll soon meet our Romanian intern, Yurgi Arginzoniz, a master of ball handling and insights into this great sport of basketball. Even though white people are ruining basketball for everyone, basketball is an international game, and the WizzNutzz have the international covered. We love to ruin it for everyone too.

CP - 10:31 PM




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