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Tuesday, July 15, 2003

The Summer of 2003 is all about nothing if not torpor and mischief, if not the restless ways under the offseason veil. The glorious deep-toned summer brings fresh trouble to the wizznutzz RAp Sheet:

FATHER OF THE YEAR Jerry Stackhouse grabbed a Hick Betty. She tried to evict J-Stack and his 47 children from a family weekend at ATlantic Beach. And now he is being accused of aggravating stuff. Obviously Ms Nagy seems to think that the Atlantic is still a principal slave route or the hillbillie would have realised that a small wide man in a big blue GWiz suit bobbing face down in the spa bath is a selling point for prospective renters.
Anyway, the people that were double booked to steal J.Stacks 40 sandy acres back had the folliwing to say, after he and his family had to spend the first night of their vacation in hotels paid for by Jerry Stackhouse himself:

"We were miserable last night," Henicheck said. "When you've been planning a vacation for a year and then something like this happens. . . . I didn't want him to put us up. I wanted to start my vacation. I can't find words to describe what he did to us."

Ive got some words to describe it Heiniechuck:
"Father of Year comps ungrateful racists." and some more words: "Oh, Horror, the horror of the worlds uneasy hallucinations, I died a miniature death"

Speaking of miniature deaths:
New York KNICKS STANBDOUT Tyrone Nesby was runner up for Father of The Year!!!! He lost points late in the competition when judges asked his son to write a poem proudly describing his father and the following was tendered......

Chrius Webber, Black Jesus in crutches and a dark summer suit, made his way into the roman court at Pungentia Convivum and martyred himself, so that his father Mace could walk free.
Even though CWebb will avoid jail, he cannot avoid the disgrace of a father who needs his son to bail him out.
To Mace the wizznutzz say faceitiously:
"Nebuchadrezzar Mace, Nebuchadrezzar!!!" from the Hebrew "May (the god) Nabu protect the son," or "May Nabu protect the boundary."
But we styill love you MACE, your tight: thats why we protested on your behalf for a year (see the pictures!!).

Why havent we signed PLaron Profit YET!!!!!! Will someone PLEASE tell me???

James - 3:56 PM




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