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Wednesday, July 16, 2003

Summer League Box SCores akimbo!!!
Kwame is hitting his stride! He saves his summer league energy till the crunch games later in the week because he like to step it up, as the teams new leader!

SOme WIZZNUTZZ EXCLUSIVES on the newest members of the Wizards family:

He's described as a young Mitch Richmond!!! If Wes wasn't currently passed out in a duck blind at this exclusive RESORT SPA, he would be looking to trade the young Mitch for the original, older Mitch!!

SOme things about Jarvis:
His favortie movie is Oceans Eleven

And in the offseason HE RUNS A BEEF AND SHEEP FARM!!!!


Abe Pollin allegedly played this game for 11 hours the night before the draft. It left him mesmerized and Had to be talked out of taking Blake in the first round by Eddie Jordan and talked out from a closet by Susan OMalley

Here is Blakes UMD TERP site, and a fan site.

E-Jord says he wants to bring Blake along slowly at point because he wants to groom him.
He certainly does appear to be in need of grooming. His styles are feral and he has companions in chiggers and the like.
This reunion is far more nerve warcking for Juawanama Dixon that we could ever know because as Wizznutzz reported last year, JDix is phobic of germs and vigilant in his cleanliness. He carries his own roll of toilet paper and hates to share lotion with his ashy teammates and there "could-have-been-anywhere" hands.

Juan is reported to be working to modify an Antispetic Bacon Dispensor form his special line of sterile lifestyle aids to accomodate the willfull squalor that is his friend's 6 foot 3 unconventionally dreggy frame.

Here is a message board talking about JDix and Steve Blake aka FELIX AND OSCAR

One fella equates Juan to Pepe Sanchez. Other controversial insites include:

"Dixon will be a solid Chris Whitney-type in the NBA. He's waaaaaaay quicker than Randolph Childress."

"It's ridiculus to think steve blake is going to the NBA. ...he's not as good as Bobby Hurley was, and Hurley was BARELY a pro."

Its incredible that exchanges like that would never have been possible before the internet. It was a different world back then. A crueler one in my opinion.

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