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Friday, July 11, 2003

Breaking news, if not for lamentable technology of wizznutzz.com!!!
Summer league drama!!!!!! aka JUNKYARD WARS!!!
The Wizards played their first summer league game and the resultds proive what we already know: that this will be one entertaining season!! Tis oine had it all: reuniting 2 former Terps teammates who are undersized, were overdrafted and can't shoot from the ouside:
Steve Blake, the whiter of the two, went 0 for 8 with no points and No boards in a game high 34 minutes. Juan was 3 for 13 and Kwame had eight turnovers!!!
We could have taken Keith Bogans over Blake, and sure Bogans has been avergaing 20 a game, but this is just summer ball, and when it comes time to feed turkeys to the frail and read books to the twitching little freaks, who you gonna call? Keith Bogans? I say not.

More summer league links!:
Ike Austin sighting!!! Besides at the Potomac Mills where on Tuesdays he runs a Ike Austin CheeseBoot outlet out of a sepcially modified Sunglasses Hut mall-cart.
Ike posted real minutes for the Dallas Mavericks!!! So did Brian Cardinal
Mitchell Butler lights it up!! So does Tracy Murray!! Wow, Summer is the best.

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