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Wednesday, June 04, 2003

its great to hear from you ken, even though the circumstances are less than favorable. still, with ken, no news is bad news.

Anyway, we still need a coach and a GM and a preisdent of basket ball operations and someone to work the pump on GWizs mascot corrective girdle, after Larry Brown laughed at our offer to do all 4 of these and play some point. I say sure, LArry Brown has some credibility, by why waste time with him when you can have a yesman and homer in the class of Len Elmore!!:

The Washington Wizards interviewed former Maryland star Len Elmore yesterday for their president of basketball operations vacancy

Elmore was drafted by Pollin's Washington Bullets with their first-round pick in the 1974 draft

Elmore, 50, has had no front-office or coaching experience. He is a respected television analyst, lawyer and business executive.

Elmore, a former player agent who runs Test University, an Internet-based, standardized-test preparation company in New York for middle school and high school students, has told associates he is very interested in joining an NBA team's front office.

Thjats my ABE!

But Wes aka Smithers Unseld isnt going to like this!! Only WES knows how to bring Abe the fibrous cocoa white and bitter the way he likes it.
Len Elmore is Debra Norville. Some knickers are gonna get knotted and I bet they are XXXL.!! What with Lens newfangled modern ways of using Flash cards and number 2 pencils during timeouts.

But Lens got some competition, Rick Carlisle!!!

Despite his success in Detroit, the Pistons fired him because of a supposed rift between him and ownership and some players.

Hes like Doug Collins and Jordan rolled into one!

A rumour has circulated around town of a sort of Underground Railroad that has been operating under the MCI center for a few years. Rip Hamilton ha already been led safely to the north , thanks to the courageous works of Keith Tubbman, Harriet's Great Great Grandson, and my feeling is the railroad is gonna start running express know that the knew tobacco seeds have been ordered.

The is only one man who can save us from all this. The Wizznutzz official choice for President of Basketball Operations and Minister for Culture:


Ken is a players coach. He was with the Bulls way before Jordan. He likes nothing more than to get into sweats, just like his players, and he always takes a personal interest in his de facto paternal responsibilities off the court. He doesnt drive mules, he makes men!
Like If Jahidi's cousin gets shot by the mexican gang, Ken could convince Jahidi to be a bigger man and not escalate things.
Or when Jerry Stackhouse finally revels that he cant read or write, Ken will persoanlly put in the extra hours to team him.
Every practice owuld be a "very special practice", every game, a life lived unto itself

Plus, the White Shadow is personal frtiends with Jimmy Walker, Ella Fitzgerald!! and Shavar Ross,

yes THAT Shavar Ross, aka Dudley from Different Strokes, aka BLACK JESUS and we need Dudley more than ever, to forgive Abe "Mr Drummond" Pollin, for the whole Trazan thing(*), so Abe can learn to love the black man for more than just his supple thighs and powers in the paint, and so Abe can finally stop blaming black america for killing his friend Mister Rabin, and we can all develop like the figurative buttocks of manchild supreme Kwame Brown.

We want Ken Reeves!!!
AND espn endorse this pick!!!


#115. The Bicycle Man (Part 2) (02/12/83 - #517)

Arnold and Dudley's "friendship" with a local merchant reaches a dangerous turning point when, unbeknownst to the boys, the man, who is actually a child molester, is about to make his move.

Cast: Conrad Bain, Gary Coleman, Todd Bridges, and Dana Plato
Guest Stars: Gordon Jump as Mr. Horton, Shavar Ross as Dudley, Le Tari as Ted Ramsey, and Brad Trumbull as Detective Simpson

James - 7:20 PM




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