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Friday, May 16, 2003


James asked me to post this for him!!! Thanks for thoughs james!! Keep on believin!!!

25 years ago, I was a happy inncoent 8 year old kid, full of promise, full of dreams.
I was Happily looking forward to my first kiss. My dream was to be race car driver, or at least a bank manger with a trendy Mazda.
And I decided that when I grew I would eat bacon every single day. SO silly!! (but u know how kids are!!)

And then I turned on the TV one night to see my first game of professional basketball. It just happened to be the final game of the 1978 finals!!!

I had never seen basketball before, but all these tall hairy men, in little shorts, with the red and white shirts on were so happy, they were dancing around and hugging each other. Black dudes hugging white dudes..
And while I was too young to know exactly what it was I was seeing , I did know that I wanted to be a part of this magic FOREVER, that THIS, THIS is what I wanted to do with my life .

Now 25 years have gone by, it’s a time for reflection,
I am not a race car driver, or a bank manager, I don’t really even have a job. I still haven't "technically" kissed a girl.
And I certainly havnt experienced that joy that I witnessed that day 25 years ago.

In fact, except for the thing about eating the bacon, not a single one of my young dreams came true.

Instead, Im a 33 yr old man who runs a website called “Wizznutzz” dedicated to aging and failed bullets castoffs, like Randell Jackson and the perverse manute bol.
I hang out in TGI Fridays parking lots hoping to catch a glimpse of Rod Strickland and his drunk buddies.

When I think about it, I realize that Wizznutzz.com is actually a celebration of the failure of my dreams,
savoring every over broken hope and miscue like week-old bacon.

AND You know what?, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Few of us have the courage to face the things a wizards/bullets fan faces. ANd face them with such pliant vigor. Its not just a basketball team. But Its about life too.

SO i would like to dedicate this ode that I read on worldwide radio last month to the Wzznutzz out there. KEEP ON BELIEVIN IS RIGHT.

The story of the Wizrads fan
Isn’t one about glory,
it isn't a story about and triumph and trophies,
pedastals and parades.

But It’s a story about pushing open the very heavy, groaning doorway that is life,
And for all your flaws and failings, once again throwing yourself back through it.

It is about the raw flesh of desire growing together with the courage of struggle

It’s a story about finding ones way, and finding oneself.

It’s a story about medical marijuana and plantar fascitis,
about a man named Jerry, and his flame-retardant lifemate, and static electricity.

It’s a story about destiny and the redemptive power of the halfsmoke

It is a story about overcoming odds,
but mostly,
It is a story about not overcoming odds.

And stay tuned to us cause the wizznutzz have big plans for top to bottom!


Thanks James! and if you really want to keep ON BELIEVIN, go here to get your strength back and moisten that which has run dry...(turn up the sound!!)

In quiet linking:
With Salieri out of the court, it is no suprise that Bach should show solidarity and walk.

Bob Johnson, the Black Michael Wilbon, wants Sally all for hinmself

But so does Mr Drummond Junior!! Learn from thy father!

lAs for the lottery odds, check em out here! When it rains it pours: The wizards lost the tiebreaker with New York!!

we will have lots of lottery stuff soon!!! we have scouts! we dont know where they are, since they fled our offices in disturbing fashion, but we trust they are wroking hard. Ort at least alive!

James - 7:02 PM




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