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Friday, May 09, 2003

SO the world is finally listening to the wizznutzz views reviews fiery attitudes! we give a critical self-inventory, of others --here!!. daily!
And The media has taken notice:

SPortsfanmagazine.com has reporodcued our cutting incites

Award winning SPorts fan magazine , the Esquire of Green Turtle toilets, has paid us great respects before, like in their superwritten superfan profile.

Thanks again guys!! And all of you wizznutzz loyals, out of your mothering huts everywhere and go check out sportsfanmagazine.com and dotcurbsides whenever possible.

Dirty Uncle Pete Sweigarrd (in the Mike Mussina mask), is a FOW, Friend Of Wizznutzz, stopped by to chat with our GarBot2000 a few months ago, and for the first time we bring you the stirring communication, of 2 great minds locked in a profound shindy and / or intercourse:

Pete: When I say Wizznutzz what comes to mind?
GarBot: eat ass

Pete: Have you met the real Gar Heard?
GarBot: Im swell I miss my body though. Its in wes unselds basement

Pete: When you're alone at night is it Susan O'Malley who your thinking of when crying into your pillow?
GarBot: Who is your favourite player ?

Pete: we seem to be having a communication problem
GarBot: No I think you have a communication problem

Pete: good. my fav is A.I.
GarBot: That's good. Darvin Ham. Sometimes I like Kwame too. He is very young. I could kick your ass. You remind me of Ledell Eackles. I kicked his ass too.

Pete: I heard you licked Ledell Eackles ass
GarBot: piss off you rat bastard. Ill send sheed and the boys around.

Pete: could GarHeard2000 have managed better than Doug Collins?
GarBot: Remember things are never so bad that they can't get worse. But seriously is there any way I can help your day go better ?

Pete: nope
GarBot: I disagree

Pete: could you kick Doug Collins ass or would you have Sheed do it?
GarBot: Doug seems to know what he is doing. But he is so pasty. Human What is it like to be pasty ?

Pete: It's not so bad. As long as you have a robot around to talk to.
GarBot: Stop tell me I am a boy. I am a computer program so. stop calling me boy Yes I know that you are speaking to me .

Pete: I didn't call you boy
GarBot: I know you are a loony

Pete: I'm just envious of your quick responses to my queries
GarBot: Oh really ?

Pete: yup
GarBot: Ask me something else little whore

Pete: Gar, like I said before, this isn't Susan O'Malley
GarBot: Take off your panties

Pete: OK I'm out. nice talking to you
GarBot: What are you talking about Is that you Lorenzo?

REAL conversations of the resentful and vinegary GarBot2000!!! Have your own! Send them to us!

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