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Wednesday, May 07, 2003


Salieri leaves the wizards, angry and in a hurry!

As promised here are some incites into the maelstrom of emotions and power that have been taking place. Everybody has incites right now, but we promise we don’t use the phrase “scratch an itch” once in ours!!!!
But instead original phrases such as “I still respect you bacon”

First of all I admit I thought Mister Jordan would be coming back myself. For he is a ruthless winner and insuffereble loser and one of the ways he wins so much is just to keep playing until he comes out on top, as witnessed in an article last year which described an incident after a wizards practice where he proved to RIP Hamilton in a spirited shooting contest gone sour, that he is a competitor but not a player and that he couldnt posses the secret of joy if it crawled up to his door step in a Joy State sweatshirt.

He just wants to keep shooting. He would cut off his nose to win a nose-cutting contest.
Well you got your two free throws Sally, 2001, and 2002. You have to get back to the line the old fashioned way now like everyone else.

And I was sure Salieri was going to stay because he wants to be an executive, learn all about the internet business from Teddy Leonsis,
and he knows all along his only ace in his sleeve is his Marketing and Cultural status, and he can use that as leverage but at some point he cant use it forever because it is not a real thing but an Idea only, and like a museum is full of carefully situated memories and phantom traces that can only be curated and restored. And Business models like cocacola and The Ikeaustin Cheeseboot™ can’t run on ideas alone!!.
It’s a fine line, and at stake is the worlds greatest ego and a below-average peenie!!!

But I was so very wrong.This was Sallys last dance.
Master Collins is now sure go. Rod Higgins too.
And Mrs Garrett aka Wes Unsled aka Breaker Morant is ailing from heartbreak.
No one is in charge!!!

Its power vacuums like this that lead to the unthinkable, like Nazis and Rod Strickland!

Bullets exile Randell Jackson has been seen around MCI procaliming himself “Mayor” of the wizards though the Pollin Administraion refuses to recognise him.

Abe Pollin has now let go troublemakers Michael Jordan, Chris Webber, Rasheed Wallace, Ben Wallace…. And in there place welcomed pacifist standounts into the fold like Tyronne Nesby, Popeye Jones, Rod Strickland and Mayor Jackson. ANd he milked Michaels fame like green milk from a black cow, very cold and un-Yitzhak Rabin-like !!!!

The meeting of Ted Leonsis, Michael Jordan and Abe Pollin, must have been one heck of a meeting. But it seems like it was pretty quick. Like this maybe:
ABE POLLIN: “I still respect you michael”
JORDAN: “I still respect your mister pollin”
TED LEONSIS: “I still respect you, bacon”

Jordan left angry and in a hurry.
Jordan was many things to the NBA.
To the Wizards he was a Revenant, a french word for which there is no adequate translation, but basically means:
One who returns after death (as a ghost) or after a long absence.

But it means more than that really, it means being:
Out of touch like an expatriate, stubborn and overstaying like an apparition.
Salieri’s tale was a tale that was repeating itself, of somebody with a storied past striving to return. In such a story , there are repetitions of content, repetitions of earlier modes of adaptation, and repetitions of derivatives of loss and return.
He even scouted from the past, collecting “competitive” sidekicks and Yes-men whose wills were easily broken and could take a licking a come back for more.

For Abe Pollin, facing his own mortality, this was just too haunting.
One of our Australian interns “Gnotuk Flower Girl” writes with keen perceptions, and called Abe Pollin :
Antedeluvian , which means “before the flood (as in before Noahs' Ark)”.
He is old fashioned as they come.
I cant help but think, If Abe Pollin did build an arc, it would be great too see who he would choose:
2 Mitch Kupchecks? Two Greg Ballards? Two of Wes for sure.
And two Susan O’Malleys in a cruel eugenic project to keep the human race alive.
Antedeluvian sounds like Abe Pollin too, and means like Mister Drummond

Michael Mann WIlbon is not gonna be happy

So much drama in the MCI!

James - 5:28 PM




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