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Friday, May 30, 2003

Coach Collins is OUT!
MJs mature white companion is no more. KwameKiller To spend time ruining his GAY SONs life for a change!!!!
Kwames skin shows unprecedented imrpovement!!!!
Larry Brown being pursued by Mr Drummond like a white Dudley!!!!
Brown Don't Frown! Brown Don't Frown! The Browns, Larry and Kwame. Kwame means "Saturday" Larry means "Play Hard Get Rewarded with SMiles and BACON!"

David Aldridge is working the phones, and tries to sort out the coaching vacancies, and goes stark raving mad on the way:
Magic Johnson takes over the Wizards operations??!!!!

Im sorry David "I Put the Black Thang in Black Thanksgiving" Aldridge, but MJ RELOADED is TOO BLACK!! TOO STRONG!!! for Abe The House Elf!!!
A house elf needs a house negro ergo Jordan and a house negro needs a a house master ergo Collins. Its not racist,, or descriptive! Its historical. Abe is threatened by the black man, or those he cant legally adopt. And no Lebanese in front office too!!! Abe Pollin needs to conduct a critical self inventory. Cornell West was in the Matrix for the Sake of Remus!!!! Welcome to the 1980s Norman Lear@!!!!!

Sally Jenkins talks about how great Larry Brown is , and how the franchise needs to thrust aggresively into the fleshy discrod like PORN Star Rod Thorn

Meanwhile, MJ wants to buy $50 million dollars worth of Miluakees FInest Mules. For 50 million he shoulld just Buy Sam Cassell and keep him at home. They could grow old together and Saileri could slap of Van Exel on his old bald head like black narcissist Benny Hill and tease him with clever names like "Van Excellent!!"

And Jahidi Walks Free!!!! Thanks for the thousands who particpated in Jahidi Thongs For Freedom Day worldwide!!!!

And Chris Webber's AUnt walks free too!! Though she says she would have raped U.S. District Judge Nancy Edmunds if she had known how much turmoil this was all going to be.

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