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Thursday, May 22, 2003

Big night for the wizards franchise tonight. the draft lotterry!!!!

Heres espns mock draft (click on "Lebron Mock Draft")
and here is nbadraft.net's!!!

I gotta say Abe "MR DRUMMOND" Pollinl,, 14 ping pong balls in 1000 aint easy odds. This isnt like picking a couple a black sons out of a housing project!!!

But if we dont go top 3, theres plenty of cunning talent set against a backdrob of INTERNATIONAL INTRIGUE!!!

Knowing Abe and Wes "Breaker Morant" Unseld, the wizards will take home court talent in Mike Sweetney, who at 6-8 would instantly be our most imposing center.
Or will it be Michael Pietrus, "NBA Comparison: Fred Jones (more height, less skills)"???

WHo is Fred "are you my mother" Jones you ask?
Who cares! Hes a real frenchman, a French-LeBron, the "Le LeBronBron"!!!

That would set the stage for an international flavour unprescedented since gheorge Muresan's days.

Will Michael help Ike Austin develop new markets and serving suggestions for the Ike Austin CheeseBoot?
Speaking of cheese, Will Kwame drop his boycott of "surrender dressing" and embrace his fellow-foreskinned compatriot?
Will ESPN page 2 hacks make jokes about the French's ability to "take a charge"!
Its Foregone! Foreskinned, Hilarity!!!

WHiule you wait, go read about how the draft lottery is fixed, from our friends at SPortsfan magazine!!!! Powerful reporting! Purposefull incites! Prescient realism!! Pert spelling!!

James - 6:58 PM




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