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Thursday, April 10, 2003

WIZZNUTZZ ON WTEM RADIO SATURDAY< HIGH NOON!!! Muist see TV, for radio! Tune in online at wtem.com for incites and bacon!!!

How bout hose throwback jerseys. Sigh, though, as the bullets are shooting blanks from celibate rifles, and the magic number, well thats ONE.
Meanwhile, Saliieri has every intention ofusing thes last few games to evaluate talent, his own that is.

And think about his future.

Meanwhile, we will remember forever the throwback game, the chance to be a bullets fan once again. Except for that traitor Collins who was with the Sonics team that the Bullets beat for the Championship 25 years ago. Hes been plotting his revenge for so long hes twisted now, like Jason Patrick in the movie Sleepers when him and kevin bacon killl a teacher priest that raped them as kids. We too will be watching Sleepers this offseason, Coach Collins, we too....

Charlie Rosen is a Phantom Lover though, giving coach a B!!

James - 11:43 PM




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