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Friday, April 04, 2003

Some more fallout from the wizards loss.
The Baltimore Sun describes the life of Sailieri as a "cracked door", that the Hakws bursts through it, or something.

The GunSluts over at the Washington Times, though, have an article on Kwame that is SO RIGHT ON!!!
Some highlights of this article include this choice words:

But now, with Jordan's vision in considerable doubt and the Wizards ready to assume their customary place in the draft lottery, Brown is up against the wall as one of the principal suspects in the divide between the old and young on the roster......
.....No one spent much time belaboring the minor contributions of first Bill Cartwright and then Luc Longley. It was Jordan's show in Chicago. It was his world. It was one heck of a ride.
So what happened between Chicago and Tony Cheng's neighborhood?
Who changed the rules?
Let's try to piece this together again: Jordan's team in Chicago and Jordan's team in Washington.
Chicago: Yea, Michael.
Washington: Boo, Kwame.

So true, Tom Knott, your words are pure than water and truer than fact. The rules changed, like on the playground the biggest kids were from the smallest busses, and made there own rule, right up to the violence!

You can bet on this: If the Wizards ever trade Brown, he will end up being a 10-time All-Star. He will haunt the Wizards, in the tradition of Rasheed Wallace, Ben Wallace and Chris Webber.

Also so true!!!! and also in the tradition of Gheroge Muresan , Jim McIlvaine and Calbert CHeaney, -- but you made your point just fine with those other 3 examples!!!

He has labored on a short leash, with Jordan in one ear and Collins in the other. Their tag-team methodology, with the volume often cranked up, could work on anyone's head, much less that of a wide-eyed neophyte.

The manchild has but 2 ears!!!, both filled with curt retorts and hurt rhetoric. If Phantom and Salieri could somehow use other openings of kwames body to inflict abuse they certainly would. Ive said too much.

Collins, by his own recent admission, still does not have a feel for the team, which sometimes leads to oddball lineups and the mysterious obsession with Bobby Simmons, by way of Mobile, Ala.

We very much agree here, in fact it was this very argument that Dana was proudest of making and with verve, "shake some hands, meet Kwame, coach!!" she would say, before the darkness came.

But we disagree STRONGLY on one point:

Mainly, WHAT is SO MYSTERIOUS ABOUT being obsessed with BOBBY SIMMONS???!!!!!
Its plain sight, his assets and presence. He is deft like a Barramundi and complex inside too, like an onion inside your self.

Insidehoops.com, a good site for sure, with links and tite spelling, put our fave prospect Reece Gaines down to 12, and in his place, Anderson Varej√£o, a 6-10, power forward, Brazil! That would be awesome to habe some brazilian flavour in the arena and association, and Juan DIxon for one would appreciate the smooth skin, and the antiseptic qualities of exfoliation, in all capacties.

Positives: "Very charismatic personality, similar (surfer) attitude to Brazilian tennis star Gustavo Kuerten, very laid back"
Negatives: "Still seems to be "growing into his body" ". Um, NO!!! thats not a negative, that natural! Kwame is his age, and they casn relax and work on theire complexion and develop there bodeis into men, under eachothers eye and support and borotherhood.

So, while things look bleek for the Wis, there is always hope! Bullets and wixzards are all about hope, and tomorrow.
Ben Okri, a friend of ours and the Wizards, feels this way about things: YOU SHOULD ALL READ THIS, its poignant , christ its pert.

They say
Love grows
When the fear of death

They say
Courage looms
When the fear
Of never loving again
In the smell of the enemy
Who crushes us so much
We can only fight.

Love and courage grow together
When the flesh is rawest
And the spirit charged.
And distorted within the nightmare
We see the possibility
Of a future.

Because we ARE in a nightmare and our flesh IS raw , BUT BUT BUT there is always the promise,most of all now, of the future, well, what Ben Said is good!!
Thats poetry Ben!!! Its so great to have a fellow writer to be about.!!

James - 11:21 PM




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