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Monday, April 21, 2003

So this weekend I see that Michael Jordan took out a full page ad in the NY Timnes, to write a heartfelt letter to....Basketball!!!!
If Salieri wrote this letter then Popeye Jones is my dad. And it wasnt even original. It was all about the 28 year "relationship" with Basketball and how bittersweet it was to breakup. The exact same sentiments of Juan Dixons open letter to "bacon" in the Orlando Sentinel last year.
"Basketball" was not available for comment, but if it was, "basketball" would be wise to say "you are making me uncomfortable. Its over Mike. Please don't conbtact me again."

A few links:
Tom Knott of Warslut Weekly laments the good ole days of Tyronne Nesby, Popeye Jones and Hubert Davis


The Post discusses the road ahead for Mr Drummonds Payroll.

Boy playoff ball is hard to watch without the Wizards, but the Omens were there weeks ago, that the wIzards season was soon to end.

These omens include:

1, Jordans moths.

As we reported on this site, at the staples center vs lakers a few weeks back, dave johnson on WTEM was reporting that there were giant moths loose in the building. .Of course we know moths symbolize the helplessness of desire, corruption and decay.

2. Rods Groin
Rod returned from a groin injury that had caused him to miss much the season. 5 minutes intop his first game back, Rod was out another groin.

3. Chico Debarge Releases his New Album

4. The Wizards team, a team in the hunt, don Bullets Jerseys.
Just like a sheep wearing a smaller, more frail sheep's clothing!

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