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Wednesday, April 16, 2003

More Breaking news!!!
Juwan Howard's Journal!!!
His prose is deliberate, his pacing excellent, his moisture whisked from his skin and falling upon the word like small hands and rain!!

Juwanhoward.com is so very edutaining! Juwan likes Luther Vandross and All water sports! Way to go out out on a limb Juwan, heck who doesnt love those things!!

Of DC Juwan says : " I was very excited to be playing for the capital (Washington, DC) "
It is nice of him to put Washington DC in parantehses. Thats called "Giving Back"!!! So Juwan.

Email Juan (cyberjuwan@juwanhoward.com) and tell him why you are the number 1 Juwan fan!! If you can beat the wizznutzz that is!! We are your #1 fans, cyberjuwan, just look at this puzzle we made you, picturing you leading the franchise, represented as a tentative donkey, out of the capital (washiongton DC) and into the championships!!

James - 9:02 PM




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