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Monday, April 07, 2003

Ken?? we hope so, we have "time sensitive" information that that was ken.
Anyway, the wiz sportswriters are ayt a crossroads to be sure. Those ready to rip Sally and talk about Kwame and the Wizards future are dping so. While Those closest to Sally, like Uday Wilbon and "Chemical Stu" are holding tight, defiant to the end, hoping that his greatest miracle is still in store as wiz beat Celtics!!! and have a kind of soft schedule, so we too wizznutzz have hope.

And the rest are not quite sure what to say. Here are some things:

Tony Kornheiser:
And increasingly it looks like if Kwame Brown ever becomes a great NBA player, it may well be somewhere other than here. Brown is clearly intimidated by both Jordan and Doug Collins. The kid feels like everything he does is wrong in their eyes. It might not matter if Brown was the No. 15 pick in the draft, and they took him on a hunch. But Brown was the Wizards' first No. 1 overall pick in the draft ever. Eventually, he was to be the centerpiece of this team. Now he looks like something you store in the attic.
Heres the article THE END OF THE AFFAIR!!! POWERFUL !!
Wow, Kwame Brown in my attic, imagine! Like The man in the Attic with Neil Patrick Harris and Anne Archer and her white panties, and she keeps him as sex slave in 1910 attic, and Neil Patrick Harris doesnt use a body double, hes VERY KEEN! throughout, with visible method-arousal!!!:

"This is one of Norman Winski's later works. It shows maturity, talent and unique creative style. I first saw it on MOVIE OF THE WEEK, and again. I enjoyed as much or even more the second time I saw it. there are little hidden manings everywhere." !!!

Inside hoops is doing Salieri's Requiem
And So is David DuPree at USATODAY , (a smooth Gee we love him), though David Dupree is having his cake to eat too, as he couod save the "#1 MJ moment" for his leading wiz to playoffss (very clever)

Thats right, retro night!!! I fully expect Ken to do something brave and dangerous on this night. Maybe a pirate Sportscall throwback, and hopefully Dana will call in to Scotti Jackson, just like the old days!!

Kwame will nbe followiung the storied tradition of bullet #5's:

Juwan Howard
John Lucas
Dan Roundfield
Darrell Walker

ANd Haywood will be like 00 Duckworth and Salieri like Lil Tim Legler and CharlesJones!!! Evenj though hes more analgesic to Bernard King, on account of his knees, and abilitiy to shoot the ball with frrequency and ferevency!
Here you can see all the great bullets jerseys numbers!

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