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Tuesday, April 22, 2003

DOnt believe us about the "Dear Basketball " letter? See here.

The NYTimes, which ran the ad, also ran this article recently by Selena Roberts who the Wizznutzz desire for her prosely shapes.

Selena drops knowledge:
The ruthless character traits that defined Jordan's greatness with the Chicago Bulls turned him into an insufferable loser as a Wizard.


Not everyone in the game is beneath Jordan. There are reasonable facsimiles of Jordan's spirit......but none can reflect his dark psychology.

In the end, there was only a Wizards team relieved that the old man was moving out of the house. This wasn't the send-off of an icon, but a push-off on a disillusioned god.

Old Man Mules has moved out! Call up Rod! Break out the Champale!

ESPN had this piece recently about how valuable Old Man Adultry was to the universe.

It mentions how Jordan look-alike Lee Kealonhas made a great living. But Lee wrote a "Dear Basketball" letter recently, saying "we are even, Basketball",
going on to suggest that Basketball wasn't always so gentle with him, like when he spent the late '80s as a desitute Harvery Grant impersonator, selling his inaccurate body for drug monies.

Hey Wizznutzz, lets pay tribute to all those former teamates ripping it up in the Association tournie!!!!!!!!!!
Such as Big Ben, Sheed, CWebb, Robert Pack, Courtney ALexander, RIP Hamilton, Popeye Jones, Calvin Booth and Calbert Cheany.

My money is on Calbert, because he is destined, and because he had a role in the 1994 film, "Blue Chips" with Shaquille O'Neal, and his favorite movie is "Return of the Jedi" which is about Good and Incest and midget actors conquering over an evil empire.

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