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Thursday, April 24, 2003

Congratulatiuonsn to Robert Pack and his 5 hard fouls last night against the Sixers.
And to Rod Strickland who for my money, is the Ace of Diamonds in the TWolves Lakers series.

Dave McKenna at Cheap Seats must have been listening to the Bram Weinstein show a few eeks ago, because he takes a whole column to say what we did in 30 seconds:

That Abe Pollin may nort be the benevolent Mr Drummond character that we all assumed, but rather a profiteering robber baron who trades the lives of innocent inner-city children for an uptick in merchandising revenue.

After Honest Abe vowed the Wizards name change had nil to do with seeling jerseys, stores are selling out Jordan Bullets throwbacks faster than a rack of prime sterile bacon on a late summer day.

Maybe he sold his soul to Jordan, though if Jordan was smart, he would have asked for Abe Pollins soul, with the souls of Phil Chenier and Greg Ballard thrown in for good measure.

PAGE 2 has a hot and not list and says Jordan Bullets jerseys are hot, but SHEED BULLETS JERSEYS BE NOT!!!
SHeed jerseys though, like the sun, only get hotter, till they burn out.
I treasure my Sheed Jersey above all others. Its lends me psychic camouflage, and a breathable personality.
It inspires me indivuidualy, purposefully, medically, and artistically, as seen here, before and now, in the mixed media piece:

"FEAR POUCH" Rasheed Wallace Jersey with Dead Wallaby"

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