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Tuesday, April 01, 2003

Big NEWS!!!:

Bigger news!!! Jospehe Forte pleasures himself in the shower by singing a ballad to Brendan Hayowood and Salieriri, gets himself suspended, us aroused!!
Just one, enormous black man singing a naked sudsy ode to fellow tar heels, whats all the fuss??!!.
Please break your code of silence JForte, and tell us the lyrics!!!! SO we can all sing as one!!

When you're the number one draft pick and not starting you need to look in the mirror at yourself and say, 'What's wrong?' " said Oakley,
Acne Vulgaris is whats wrong treebeard!!!!
Phantom and Sally drive the Little Bus to school and on the bus it says "Green Eyed Monster Special Education"!!
Eddie Curry is flowering like a hungry pre-teen because he has had timne to experiment in the paint and with his body.!!

Well well, anyway, while we await the Wilbon erotic fiction about the lakers game , Steve Dilbeck steps it up homoerotically 100%.
Senor Dilhole is the Ernest Hemmingway of sports journalism, (along with 25,000 other young sports writer guys).

Well, the Wizards and Bucks are daring each other to make the playoffs. That loss to Denver was tremendous!!! 19% shooting in the second half, a thing of beauty. Makes one pain for the precision bombs of Rex Chapman!!
Heres antoher article praising Juwan Howards work ethic and how horrible you DC slobs were to him so he'll nevcer come back for the $5m exception and instead we'll trade Kwame for Coery Magette and a $14million salary

Tomorrow night the Wiz take on the montser Kings in a must-play game at MCI, and the only good news for the Wiz is that Chris Webber will be coming back to town, and the scene of many graceless disappointments. And traffic stops. Throat slittings!!

Salieri got a motorcycle at the Denver game!!!!, a new 1250cc Harley Mothman in fact.

Regarding Moths, i did some research and come up empty. ALMOST empty. I DID find oput that Christina AGuilera performed for a 90 second NBA promotional ad before the Lakers Wizards game, and Carson Daly on MTV said the other day that Christina's new video will feature her singing in a room of ...MOTHS!!!!

Which is no suprise, because Christina is a Rakasha, a Greater Demon under the daerk servitude of Salieri the Envious. I know this to be probably true because the followng things are true about Christina AGuilera, the "shape shifter":

The Raksasha are usually loners, and they have an incredible aptitude for making long-term plans
Samne is true for CHristina, and also She has a lust for powerand an attraction to all manner of magic items - many Shape Shifters hoard great magic treasures over the centuries. Of course, they are not averse to more profane treasures like gold and precious stones; after all, money is power.
No wonder she stays so close to Salieri and his profane treasures!

ANd Sheed lives to smoke another day!!! No Arpils fool!!
The Oregonian website have taken a page from our Wizznutzz RapSheet and strated there own Blazers and The Law section. Sheed very present!!

Also POPEYE JONEs in the news, his 3 little Goonies love ICE HOCKEY!!!! Like uncle MANUTE!!!! "5-HOLE PAPA, 5-HOLE!!!"

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