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Thursday, April 03, 2003

4 in a row!!!! The playoff run continues!!! Sally saves his last dance for the fourth, tries to tsake team and ego upon his shoulders, drains all sorts of shots, corralls 14 boards!!! Wiz Lose!! Darvin ham held scoreless, but contributes many fouls, turnovers, and comci releif!!! The Hawks fire their GM, then beat the Wixards and there player/GM.

Thats it!! Wizznutzz concede the season even if Salieri doesnt, but secretly we expect he does as he is already beginning to poison a new young mind, Lebron James. Outrageous!

Ty Lue played hard tonight. THAT'S IT though. No one else did!! L.Boogie and JStack had bigger fades this season that Big Daddy Kane!!
I've gotto catch my flight so more later,
but heres a look at who the wiz maybe drafting next year:

Good bye Michael, hello Reece Gaines!!!!
Another PG/SG !!!! woo hoo!!! and a Man-Tween!!!!

Anyway, its gonna be a fun garbage time now, and a great off-season. The wizznutzz have a master plan you see. It may include Gilbert Arenas, Elton Brand, Kwame Brown, bacon, and a whole lotta 10-day contact specialness!!!!!

James - 11:51 PM




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