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Wednesday, March 12, 2003

Wizards get it done! The ony thing that would have made this sweeter is if CHris Whitney had defected. Actually it would have been much sweeter if The Phantom had played a right gentlrman KwBrown more than 8 minutes. But its because Coach Collins is an emotional mule.He cant even give his own team a pep talk. Not only because he is dealing with his gay sons repressed furies, but because he has tied his his soul to the clipped wings of Salieri. And I stroingly have feelings that this is because Collins still cant put his life together after he was part of the olypmpic basketball team that blew the gold to russia. His silver medal is still in a vault, and he went on to be a number 1 pick himself, and failed to fulfill its promise. And now his heart is in a vault or self-protection and insecurity, and he spends his anxious days inb the MCI dental chair asking, "is it safe?". SO much does he hate himself and communist political thoiught, that he has erected a Tzarist regime in which Salieri is royal. I dont know how he will find redemption, but I believe it will have something to do with the team's lone bolshevik, Jahidi WHite. Comrade Chubb, you are our only hope!

James - 5:16 PM




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