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Monday, March 10, 2003

Things are getting very salty indeed at Port Sea Dog! Following another aching loss in a must play game, Salieri berated his teammates, "its time to separate the mules from the donkeys" he might well have said. Salieri said he can count on both hands, and the donkey hands are more numerous than the reliable mules hands, says Salieri. David Dupree on espn radio said today that the mules who stepped it up only included, Jahidi!, Lue, dixon, Oakley, and maybe even KWAME!! But that leaves out a ferw big names. Stackhouse is a donkey??!! Says Sallieri.

Then Stack retorted, and did so Kurtly! "How can I be a ball hog If I dont get the ball?" offered Stackhouse is essence!

WHile wizznutzz gang is all about peace and edutainment, even peacemakers gotta stand strong sometimezz,
like Michael Jackson and his gang of dancing white Los Angeleans, setting out to dance and edutain, sure, but when it came to crunch, Jacko stepped it up and fought the Guy in the White Suit who wanted trouble. Salieri dons a white suit, both in our national purchasing consciousness and in real time! SCroll down for evidence!!

Time for mutiny for the sea dogs ????? How will Sister Fletcher Christian respond?

I love men, how they turn and probe and struggle.

The anguish doesnt stop there either. Phantom Collins little bastard offspring, Chris Collins, who is an assistant coach to COach Kryzesskkhefsskeevy at Duke, got mad physical with a very prescient Matt Dougherty!

Here is a picture.

But most disturbingly, is this CHris Collins message board. The poignant last entry says:

From: David
Email: david.caudle@sas.com
Chris, I was heartbroken when you got married. :) Hope you still enjoy the tapes.

DOugs Collins has a GAY SON!!!! and because doug doesnt accept his gay son, his son turns to fighting big manly top-men?? The hypocrisy must kill young chaser collins, as his stern father openly endorses the union between Jerry Stackhouse and his flame-retardant lifemate Gwiz.

This is a great time to be a wizards fan!!

James - 5:16 PM




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