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Wednesday, March 26, 2003

There have been some serious developments at wizznutzz yesterday.
I feel it would be best left to Christopher or James to make statement regarding Ken and Dana. We are trying very hard to try and locate them. All we have to go one right now that I can mention is Danas strange cell phone bill, and a very lengthy and disturbing receipt from Home Depot that we found by kens chair.
Again I feel it is not my place to comment further on any of this. Hopefully things wont be as bad as they seem right now.
COme home Ken, come home Dana if you can hear me. I miss you.

Anyway, its been hard to pay attention, but a few things:
Well the Wiz finally won a road game!!! They beat the Southside Sheeds and Jeff McInnis and Peasant Cultivator Jimmy Lynam
(see here and here).
Greatest sentence of the last month for me most opersoanlly is :
"Center Jahidi White, who made his first start of the season, was an imposing, high-energy presence. "
SO good to have Jahidi back, getting his double-sigles and fouling out quickly. Great to have you back Hidi!!
And good to see General Stonehands might be getting the rest he deserves.

Kwame had many turnovers and played his way to the bench. Salieri hustled pretty good, and CLate did too, and Ty Lue really nailed some Faggers down the stretch. ANd Milluakee lost, so keep the faith!

We did lose the night before to Golden State though. Jordan after that game said he is physcially fine, but mentally not sure about his state.
Just a reminder that Salieri in the movie Amadeus ends up crazy and old, mad and mumbling , from guilt and his sins.
Thats all ill say for now about that. But way too hustle SALLY!!
Kwame got choice minutes vs GState, even though he missed about 20 layupos in the second half, he did grab many boards, and was prescient.

Also, against Golden state , their coach JJ Musselman ro whobver, said they didnt even cover Bobby Simmons!! Not at all!!! The doubled MJ. and Bobby still only scored a couple times!
Thats disrepectful of Bobby and his modest approach to competition.


The Mule-Headed Beat a Dead Horse
By Thomas Boswell
Wednesday, March 26, 2003; Page D01

In farm country, they say if you see a man beating a mule, it's probably a bad mule. But if, every time you see that fellow, he's beating another mule, then you've found a bad farmer.

Michael Jordan and Doug Collins with the Washington Wizards and Bruce Cassidy with the Capitals have been beating their mules all season. Every time you look, there is another public tongue-lashing of the MCI denizens. Maybe it's not entirely the fault of the mules.

Boswell!!! We been talking about mules and Jordan's farming ways for so long we even sponsored an art contest!!!
But we respect Bos cause great mionds think alike.

and also:

Yet, to young players, Jordan seems like a shadow figure, a hologram of himself that you can practically put your hand through.

SALIERI!!!!! What a gorgeous description of Salieri and Mozart. But not a Shadow Warrior, Nocture, thats Kwame Brown. Foremost. Foreskin.

Oh My GOD, i just looked down and saw Kens last blog... one day BEFORE Boswells article about mules??? Is there some connection?????, oih god i hope we find ken soon. He is not safe to himself without the discipline of others to harm him in a controlled way.
Im so worried I can hardly eat much more.

James - 7:59 AM




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