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Friday, March 07, 2003

No game tonight so Darvins got mad linkzz for youzz!! Tomorrow night is a big 8-seed shoot out. Its another MUST PLAY GAME for the wiz. Salieri is back from his back spasms, cause he got "electronic stimulation". Not only did he get "electronic stimulation" but he also said about this season that hes "going down with no bullets."

All of which reminds me of DANA's budding sexuality during the fall of 1997.

The Washington Post chimes in about the play of big men and that evanescent phantasm, "DESIRE." Brendan Haywood talks about "taking it to the cup". Ahh, I love the Black Irish!

Sycophant Michael Wilbon, the black Stuart Scott, writes about the gentle but knowing dance between Kobe and Salieri. Its extremely homoerotic, which we support up to 50% . Its more homoerotic that the phrase "playing in the Spectrum" and equally as homoerotic as any scene from the movie "Heat". Because Michael Wilbon is also the Black Michael Mann.

And a compelling sit down with Kwame Brown from last year, where the Manchild open up and talks NBA 2K3!!

FInally some great news! Ratko Varda has eluded the Yugoslav army for yet another year and has landed in the Adriatic Basketball League. Congratulations Ratko!!!! but Ratko, you cant run away from yourself forever!! Face your demons and the uniforms! Ken will be the first to tell you, discipline will make you a man!

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