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Friday, March 28, 2003

Lots to talk about right now, the wizards are at the half against the Lakers, and Kobe Bryant has 42 points, so beware thje Ides of Wilbon tomorrow, the Black Michael Mann, waxing homoerotic about Salieri and Kobe, father and son "mark my words" our dear Ken would say, maybe he is saying, somewhere, somewhere in abetter place I hope.
Some other exciting developemnts tonight:

First, sopeaking of Ken, Dave Johnson on WTEM play by play keeps talking about how the staples center is full; of Giant moths!! I propose they are MJs winged phantasmic harbingers. As we all know, moths symbolize the helplessness of desire, Moths are corruption,decay, and moth's are loss. Omens aplenty. 2 of the moths belong to Laker legend Tracy Murray, who can talk to moths. However, on TV , there was no mention of moths, so maybe Dave Johnson is out of his tiny mind.

Also, importantly, Bucks and Sam "Promises" Cassell lost again to the Utah Jazz with Calbert Cheaney!!! leading the way. SMiling even!

SO while the game plays out, here are some other wizznutzz links to satisfy your every desire:

Ben Wallace for MVP!! lots of talk around town, like here, and comparing Big Ben to other greats including Detective Barge-Arse himself, Wes Unseld!!!

Hot on the heels of the Ike Austin Cheeseboot, there is lots of press about Sally's footwear: Nobody in seattle wanted his stinking horseshoes, butnthey all talked about when they were young budding bodies, dreaming of there first pair of Air Brimleys.

And of course, the worldwide leader in groins is dutiful but full of angst to report that Rod STrickland's groin continues its civil disobedience. Its only a matter of weeks until his groin leaves his pants entirley and crawls in confused fear to the nearest TGI Fridays parking garage. Its time for Rod to recommitt himslef to the consumptiuon of halfsmokes!!!

Stackhouse has been very charitable tongith guarsing Kobe, but did you know that he is also one of five finalists for the J. Walker Kennedy Citizenship Award, an honor presented by the Professional Basketball Writers' Association to an NBA player for outstanding community service. ??? He is against diabetes up to %100, and so are we at wizznutzz. And he toilkd the Washington Post that he wants to drive a mobilem charity vehicle from town to town spreading the word...JERRYY!!! your needs are answered, because it happens this very moment that the DUCKWAGON(tm) Charity Edutainment Express Hope Vehicle is availoable!!!
With wizznutzznad jerry stackhouise together, and a duckwagon, we will "die" diabetes!!!!

Wizznutzz say no to war, yes too troops. Bring the troops back and put some in my yard! Vlade Divac has good war incites

And free Americans are getting TV war fatigue!

ANd finally, i got this anonymous email yesterday, that I fear may be from Ken.:

No more Mister slow blow, mister yo-yo, Mister see-which-way-is-the-wind gonna blow
Hes just an imperfect man, trapped i an imperfect body, Hes not happy or sad, lonely or sorry.

that could be about wilbon and MJ, but I fear its not.

James - 3:57 PM




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