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Saturday, March 22, 2003

Kwame Brown, Taxes, smart stuff.

Look what Jordan did to poor Steve Gilbert!

Last night Alex Rodriguez of the Texas Rangers, who are training in Arizona for the first time this preseason, was courtside. He waved and Jordan returned the salute when Jordan missed a jumper from his side but was fouled and made two free throws. you Men!

Will Jerry STackhouse be back??? (Also, I want that tall chinaman Mo Ke! "Mo Ke is" best bigman's name ever! Better than Manute. Better than Duckworth!!

If you go here and click "Play Lottery" graffik on the right hand side, you can see that the Wizards currntly have a 0.9% cahnce of getting LeBron!!!. The season isnt in VAIN! With the 2 menchild and 2 wigges CLate and Googzz, we will rule the association next year!

James - 5:14 AM




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