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Thursday, March 27, 2003

Its really worrying about Dana and Ken.They are just a couple of good kids, or a good kid and an old man with one shoe and raidal psychosis.
When I saw on espn.com today 2 stories side-by-side my heart jumped and I thought of those two.
But Luckily Dana turned out not to be at The Kirby Puckett trial and Ken had nothing to do with the incident in Sactown.

The Wiz win an improbable second time on the road!!!!, and are now ahead of the bucks!
But Sam Cassell has done it now, he has GUARANTEED the Bucks make the playooffs.
Sam Cassell must be from another goddam planet if he thinks such.

Thought he BHucks have a easy schedule ahead: Utah Miami Miami Houston Cleveland Chicago L.A. Clippers Toronto Orlando
but they have lost 7 of 9 and dont have the "experience factor" nor the Manchild.

MJ yelled at the manchild. Salieri goes madder that week-old bacon. We like Rachel ALexNichiols. She writes good quality Kwamecopy. Maybe she will model the Ike Austin Cheeseboot les bootchevre pour nous!!!!

James - 11:24 PM




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