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Sunday, March 23, 2003

I just keep rereading this article. Its so complex, like an onion, or a shepherds pie with onions. It invites further reading. Last time through, I noticed a few things that stuck with me, hung around like onions on a donkey.

"Everybody wants to be treated the same," Jordan said, almost in scolding terms. "Unfortunately, everybody's not the same. You don't have 12 Michael Jordans in this locker room just like we don't have 12 Kwame Browns. Everybody's different.

Wow, the thing about 12 Kwames in a locker room. Dana's gonna die when I tell her! 12 Kwames!! 12 KWAMES!!!! Sure, Ive thoiught about 5 kwames before, who hasnt?? One time I even thought about 9 Kwames and an Eackles... but 12 KWAMES? I have always been too afraid to go there.

"We've got too many guys worrying about the Joneses next door and they're not doing their jobs."
Popeye Jones is GONE. Accept it, that is what Salieri is saying. Just move on. But how can you move on when you cry yourself to sleep everynight Popeye doesnt come home?

Brown, who had five points and five rebounds in 20 minutes in Phoenix, was replaced after a series of defensive breakdowns and swore at Collins as he walked to the bench. Collins glared back but did not respond to Brown, who continued complaining
This is the hardest thing of all to swallow.

"I sure hoped we would be better but I still don't know this team and we just played our 68th game," Collins said.

Coach, Kwame : Kwame, Coach.
There you go!
The moral of all this is that everything would be easier if the there were 12 Kwames, and if one was a player-coach-kwame, so much the better. They could braid eachothers hair, and send Kwame8 out for Pepsis, cause Kwame8 knows where to get them cold, and when Kwame11 gets anothjer technical casue his genes are a bit messed up, the 7 Kwames on the bench will embrace him, and whispoer support, and mayvbe even dance a while.

I bought this Motivational poster on an airplane last week and Im going to send in to MJ, to help the team get through all this.

James - 6:42 AM




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