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Monday, March 17, 2003

Hello WizzNutzz readers. My name is Christopher. Along with James and our interns, I help run WizzNutzz.com. James and I never post to the blog because we've always felt this is our interns' little corner in the WizzNutzz dynasty. Besides, we are too busy to deal with the daily updates and links because we are in the process of developing business agreements for various WizzNutzz enterprises. I take the time out of my busy schedule to post here today because of Dana's disturbing blogs from the past few weeks. While our interns are "edgy" and "street," I never felt like they've crossed the line. Alas, Dana has obliterated that line. While the news of Ken's Krew was shocking and certainly newsworthy---James and I had no idea that one of our interns was a prophet and cult leader---but her posting the photo of the men cutting their heads in honor of former Sportstalk980 host and Ken's cousin, Imam Phil Wood, was gratuitous and disturbing. Also, Dana's anger toward Michael Jordan, while justified, has led to many inappropriate comments on her part. The posting of the MJ and Karla photo was just a low blow. On behalf of James and myself, I would like to apologize for Dana's transgressions. She's really a good kid, and she means well. James and I think that she's been suffering from a low-level psychosis that has been exacerbated by all the war talk in the media and by the pressure on her medulla oblongata, which is in the lower portion of the brainstem and controls nerve functions between the brain and the spinal cord. As part of the most primitive region of the brain, the medulla is responsible for some of the most basic functions of life such as the involuntary processes of breathing, swallowing, and digesting. The medulla also operates in tandem with the cerebellum to control movement, and works in conjunction with the thalamus to regulate states of arousal and sleep. As you can tell, Dana has been highly aroused as of late, and her sleep patterns have been less than ideal; she typically gets about 2 hours a night, and she usually only beds down after too much drink. We are currently trying to get Dana the help she so desperately needs; taking her place for a few days here on the blog will be intern Ken Beatrice. He has been chomping at the bit to post his opinions online, and now, with a full course of the Mothering Hut under his belt, we feel that Ken's finally ready for the world. Starting tomorrow, Ken will post his thoughts on the Washington Wizards. We thank you for your continued patronage and for your patience during this time of turmoil in the WizzNutzz.com family. Take care, and let's go Wiz!

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