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Thursday, March 13, 2003

A great week for the wizznutzz!!
We had our second big charity event last weekend at Wheaton Plaza in Maryland. About 60 wizznutzz fanatics and fanatics of spreading good charity to the community.
If you ever wondered what the poor people are all about, come out to the next wizznutzz event and contribute some money, and they will show you their secrets!!
The evnt was truly great, and we had a few BIG TIME celebrities for we unveiled our Charity Edutainment Express Hope Vehicle: The DUCKWAGON!! Super cool custom airbursuhing doated by "God Rods" car shop!! And big bullet legen Kevin Duckworth donated the van, for us to use to do charity work and spread edutainment message.


We will take groups of poor kids to games for example, in a special section, called Ducks Dudes!! They get shirts and hats and papa johns and PRIDE!! most important. Abe Pollin we also thanks for helping arrange Ducks Dudes,
and also the celebrity VIPs who gave there time for a small fund: Fred RERUN Berry!! Remember from Whats Happening??!! It was so cool to see him, and he lost so much weight, but I knew it was him as did all of us, on account of his red chappeau and his breakneck dancin skilzz!! And also a writer called Christopher Hitchens was there to. Hes a big deal we are told, by his agents!! Thanks chris, though you were quiet!! Modesty has a place on the DuckWagon too!!

Anyway we raised lots of money and esteems, and the van will be heading of on a 3 City Tour during the playoffs.
First stop : Motor City DETROIT!!!
Date TBA,
Location: Big Buck restaraunt (go straight to parking lot, please DONT enter the restauraunt they say)!
Celebrity GUESTs: Ben Wallace will be hosting Duckwagon Tekken Tourny!! =Hes good, and i dont suspect he willll let the poor kids win, just cause they are poor, but thats what learning to love yourself is all about, which we support. And maybe Mitch ALbom will be attending!!!
Proud feelings akimbo!!!

James - 5:33 PM




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