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Friday, March 14, 2003

David Aldridge is a shiny writing fruit. I like it when he says about Jerry Stackhouse and Salieri that:
"The two circled each other like Riff and Bernardo this past week."
So is so evocative, that line. Evopcative especially of Riff and Bernardo and their japes.
But who are Riff and Bernardo?? Are they from a Dutch comic strip? are they characters in the Paul SImon musical "The Capeman"??
I have no idea!
But Jerry Stack upped the stakes again today when he said:
"I always liked The Capeman. It spoke more to me as a man, being black and from the city and all, than old fashioned musicals. MJ told me when he brought me in, that he liked the musical called Chicago. He just wanted me to know off the bat, before I found out some other way. I told Michael I respected that. But personally I liked the Capeman. It has themes of multicultrual dress, and song, and vampires and the cautionary parts about mob justice and bettering oneself. I listened to the CD like everyday when I was in Detroit. When Christian tried to me to stop listening to Capeman on the team plane one night, i near killed him. I like the Capeman, and if this organization has a problem with that, I feel they should tell me to my face."

Guys its time to work this stuff out and work it out NOW! The playoff push is pressing firmly against the pensive buttocks that are the regular season!! Ive made my feelings clear about Salieri the GM and brainbug, but as a playa, i respect the man up to 100% most def., and if we make the playoffs, I say give Sally carte blanche, or "the white cart". The white cart is the final power, it us all knowing and on wheels!

Go wiz tonight. Stack and CLate, BigBen and RIP redux, MJ and Kwame, Phantom and his gay son, Phantom my phantom!! But not Anthony Goldwire, who received the most unkind cut of all, at least the unkindest since the day his foreskin came out early for the draft!

James - 5:05 PM




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