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Tuesday, March 11, 2003

Damn! DANA I havn't seen you so passionate about something since they banned Rohypnol in Delaware!
I can't really disagree with you though.
Heres my take: Salieri like to talk about Desire alot, he is very Desirous to be sure, and well well well, if it isnt Kwame Brown, the most DESIREABLE man and child in the known unvierse?? Problem solved!

Wizznutzz special correspondent Dave Kohn of the DK Ball SPorts EMpire said to me over a half slab of Matilda Bay WIne coolers this morning:

" the final season is crumbling around Jordan like germany around Hitler circa 1945".
And then he told me some more about this guy Hitler and I realized those were strong words most definitely!

SO for those of you who need to be angered at Salieri for a while, before we rally behind the wizards for there epic playoff run, here are some sites to help you do it that way:

Reasons Not To Worship Michael Jordan website
Haters Club
Yehuda Levy's Anti-Michael Jordan Page, especially this piercing analytic paper on Stockton vs Jordan that Yehunda wrote for school.
Even the laddies at Maxim have turned.

In more positive news, Gus Johnson looks to be going to the basketball hall of fame. Its walways wonderful when one of us gets enshrined in something, especially if its in a hall of fame, and not an Applebees Legal summons. Gus played strongly for Washington for many years, before being sidelined by his death. He was a playa and baller, strictly and strate up.

They called him "honeycomb".
I called him simply, Gus Van Pants.

Sometimes, just V.Pants.
He was that special.

James - 10:14 AM




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