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Saturday, March 22, 2003

ANother wizards flop and more pot calling the kettle black narcissuss. After the game MJ says:

"I told them at halftime. I'm not going to try to carry the team," Jordan continued. "I'm going to move the ball, draw the attention and get you the ball. You shoot it, you score it, I go rebound and try to play defense, but don't expect me to try to put an 'S' on my chest and go out and play for these guys."

He must mean a second S, not the "S" for Salieri that he already has tatooed upon his breast. Wow the wizards cant shoot! But it was great to see Googs return to his form. Its time we traded away youth and height for old googs, tie him up long time w/ CLate, for an all-Wiggles front court!

Dana would have lost if !!! she wasnt take some much needed rtime to rest and just watch the war for a while until she calms down

Before the game Ty Lue backed of his saucy comments where he compared the Wiz playoff chase to the war in Iraq. "I didnt mean anything by it, except to try and motivate the guys. I certainly didnt expect such an strong response from the media. Suddenly its like Im a Jew in 1942 Warsaw right about now, thats for sure. Its pretty much the same situation."

I agree TY LUE!!! At least you spoke your mind, and youre mind is hoopz!hoopz!hoopz! I hate all; those people like Coach so and so , and dan patricks and barabra walters saying false humility stuff like "blah blah War puts it in perspective, that what I do blah blahj is nothing compared to that.. blah...other bigger battles that are far more important..... "
Hoopz IS serious. and Its not like anybody is gonna vote Ty Lue to run the country right? (Maybe Ledell Eackles could be elected, and he could appoint Ty Lue. but thats different) We elected Ty Lue him to play some sweet point for us. To run this offense like yesterdays fruit!

The war and losing and the return of Jahidi and his sadistic head chubb prison code have all led to a sour mood in the lockerroom. Many players have voiced their feelings about the conflict in Iraq. CHarles Oakley expressed his support for the troops:
"I support the troops up to 100%. We need to get this Saddam, and get him now. Iraq is one f**ked up country 'cause of him. 'Cause hes a dictator, you can't even open a carwash in Iraq. They got no fifth ammendment. They don't even got a first ammendment I bet. And the dudes all have those mustaches, even though they look like fags, what are they gonna do cause the boss has one too?."

Juan Dixon expressed a smilar sentiment: "Im really thankful for oiur troops for doing what they gotta do to protect us. Its a scray situation, they are talking about biological weapons, like drones with germs, spraying germs and bugs all over everything. Thats serious business. They need to make sure they get rid of those weapons, strictly and with predjudice. Just one germ can kill a man. I know they got those special suits, but i wouldnt really feel safe in any suit, to tell you the truth personally. Germs are small, thats why they call them "germs". But Mainly I wouldnt feel safe because the human body is a battlegeround itself, for germs. It must be hot and moist in those suits in the sun, and hot and moist is like what germs really like to grow on. Thats the real front lines, everyday is like a war in the body. Plus when they get to Baghdad, the water systems there are pretty old fashioned, and there are all those women they hide inside, in those long dresses that cover there whole bodies? There are probably more bacillus up under those dresses than an Arby's toilet. If I was in the Marines and one of those women came up to me to thank me, I'd swat her to the ground and cover her in germicidal talc. And I'd say 'no one said freedom was free?'
Saddam they say has a bunker way way underground with its own air filtration system. Its a Boswau and Knauer bunker, from Dusseldorf. They make the best bunkers. They are really fine."

Our fave Kwame Brown is going the furthest to do his part.!!!!
He has boycotted French dressing!!!!,
"Just Ranch from now on out, or at least until the ground war begins. What Mister Bush said about sacrifice I took pretty personally. Its not just me, there are lots of Americans not having their fench dressing, or as I call it: Surrender dressing. "
KWAME!!NO.... you are so brave!

Bobby Simmons felt confident America will win quickly. "We got Solid Snake, is why. I dont know too much about it all though. But I know they got these dudes called "shiites" in Iraq! No Im serious! I saw an old white guy on the TV last night, he must have said "shiite" about 4 times. Thats HIL-arious! I hope the shiites are tight. Youmknow what Im saying? Thats one good thing to come from this war I guess."

James - 4:04 AM




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