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Tuesday, February 04, 2003

Yo wizznutzz getting mad famous! so we have been busy on WTEM again last saturday dispensing wisdom and hummer jokes! well have mp3s up in short. There will some nice treats up these week, so stay tuned! Our message boards have returned, and we get this poignant suggestion from "GeePee":

Leave it to a Wes Unseld jersey...
Chris Webber
Rod Strickland
Rasheed Wallace
Leonard Hamilton
Ben Wallace
LaBron James

What do these people have in common?
They all had their careers nearly ended by Wes Unseld!!
Go Wesley!

Good stuff! ANd sister christian is his ankle rolling minute stealer rookie slayer demon helper.
The Wes jersey has bad spells on it, smells too!! and must be cast into the cracks of mount doom, but Wes never showers in public so access to this crack isnt NIGH no time how!!

James - 5:15 PM




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