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Wednesday, February 05, 2003

Yo nutzz! We put some real life wizards Action City photos up! Go to the home page, scroll down the the first link in "wizznutzz latest" section and yer on your way!! We cant link from this blog straight to it yet, cause we take the small bus to school, we aint SMART!

I saw from Kens report that he wrote in his typically fashion of blood upon cold stone, that 37% of people who come to wizznutzz site from google, are searching for the words "Gandalf + ascii art". Holy Gimli, Son of Gloin! Naked! In an effort to attract more poeple from google i offer the following sentence to interest them in our site:

Welcome Pokemon collectible japanese anime sex boy pron! To our wizznutzz, not "wiss nuts" or sweat nuts or mature asian porn for that matter, but WIzznutzz, webite, official homesite (that includes you sarah michelle Gellar, Brittany Spears naked, Justin Timberlake, Jamie Presley, Angelina Jolie, Elizabeth Hurley, Hugh Grant and Maury Chaykin shirtless!!) of the wizards and bullets! We love being on google, and Goggle! We love to talk about Legolas and Mordor and magic the reasoning and joe millionaire naked, but also beans and patrick ewing and the bible and mozart and scientology and hot naked shirtless fat black men and their smells and fluids and manchester united too!!! But mostly, we are all about hoops and ballerz, and if that upsets fans of Star Trek Voyager, Dr. Who, and pools full of strippers free sex downloads barn whores, and tupac shakur matrix men, so be it!!

Love Harry Potter naked, on behalf of the Wizznutzz!!

James - 5:55 PM




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