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Thursday, February 06, 2003

Wow how in hells jesus name did i miss this link about manchildren!! Kwame and lebron. Kwame dispenses southern wisdom: "They say when the grass gets cut, the snakes will show." Kwame is smart AND lowpofile. Giving it 50% will do that! As will having your minutes thieved! Be careful LebROn, and byo dressing!

The good folks at slamball called me up!! Thats trampolines!!! They want me to apply to be a slamball hamslammer!! They said they will call "Smooth B" like they did in Milwaekee, and not "intern" no more!

Mike WIlbon our favorite go- out-on-a-limber, the black mans stuart scott, chimes in furtivbely on throwback jerseys, "new jacks" and Phidippides !!! He says Wes was undersized? WIlbon is most definitely a CHASER from old skool, a throwback chaser with a taste for only the biggest vegemite rolls!

Awesome stuff by CWhit out in Denver, say he has 5-nugget rookie bithces! with juwan as his muscle. "Sometimes we kick some balls".Go CWIT!

A finally, the WashingtonTimes hands out mid-season grades. The wizznutzz, well well have our oiwn report card oiut soon. And trust me, Kwame aint getting no shitting Cminus.

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