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Thursday, February 13, 2003

My friends, Darvin, me myself, am off to Australia for bloomin onions and did-jee-madoos! I cant wait to catch up with my aboriginal brothers and go walkabout with them and stuff! I will bring back Vegemite for ken cause he likes to make these snacks called "pigs in a blanket" with bacon that are yummy, but he says with vegemite, he can make a new snack called "pigs in their own feces". You go KEN!! weirdo!

I will also be chillin with our main man Andrew Gaze. Take the Gaze quiz and test your knowledge!! And also I will be tracking this guy down in Warnabool. He says he needed to get out. He got out.

Thanks to all wizznutzz for the going away party last night and Dave and Busters!!!. James and Christopher were real cool and splurged and rented the Juan Dixon Super SHot Machine for a whole hour!!!

But Jimmy Oliver is always at the machine, not just for this party, but just always and always, says the manager, and he gets violent if you try and ask him to leave. He owns all the high scores and has blidsters on his palms, so part of the rental contract made us include jimmy, but he was OK.
All money raised went to wizznutzz, dave and busters and the Juan Dixon CHarity for Increased Sterilization in Youth SPorts. Juan was supercool, and had is policeman broither come by cause he was one the road last night, and we auctioned off Juans Miniature basketball Antiseptic Tote. Juan always brings his own balls to amusement ceneters, because hes a role model, and this is what he brings when he does:

James - 3:43 PM




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