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Sunday, February 16, 2003

Hey Guyzz!! can you be;lieve this, Im in australia 4 real! its sunny, and there are bats near where I am, and I had some "brekkie" this morning. And heroin= SO CHEAP!!
im told
THings have been very productivre so far. Sportsfan magazine is must read material in australia it turns out so Im a bit of celebrity where ever I go. I even got to hang out with a guy called heath ledger who let me do a walk in role in the new movie coming up called NED KELLEY. I played a black british Magistrate called Right Honorable Gentleman!! and I say "HANG ye Ned Kelley, by your rotten neck!!!"
But the best part is that I found out that in africa the name KWAME means "born on Saturday". !!! How kool is that!! KWAME BROWN is MR SATURDAY NIGHT!!! I wonder if kwame ever lies awake and nioght wondering where his people came from, and if they have french dressing there. But thanks god for colonialism tho kwame, cause the french took their dressing far and wide in the continent!
Hope you guyz all kjeep warm. I will continue to represent the wizards and the wizznutzz to my abilities, most definitely, and i brought ball point pens from the new world for the locals!!!

James - 7:09 PM




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