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Monday, February 10, 2003

DANA, it sounds like an awesome trip!! We missed the end of the game 'cause the Circuit City in Beltsville closed during the first OT, but Ken watched it from outside his ex-wives window and told all about it when we got him from the holding tank.

For my dollar, Mariah gave a beautiful and moving composition to Salieri! It had CLASS written all over it. Some women, lots of them even, like to call Mariah a slut and a crazy, cause they are Haters or worse, and they are jealous of her great gifts, both in her voice department and her physical department too!! But to those who dont hate, but particppate, like the Wizznutzz, she is all about beauty and innocence and what is good, and to dream, the children are the future you know.

To us in the beltsville circuit city, for one special night, she was our Latin Anne Archer, so dutiful and clean.

Dana even got her seff photographed oith Mariah.

Danas is wearing her cool Kwame dress she made: See the turquoise "5"'s!!! Adn Jimmy Lynam even managed to sneak his mug in there, we Love you Jimmy the Rat, you Peasant Cultivator!!!

SO wizznutzz onmnimedia takes another wing, and it flaps! We attirbute our success to our mottos, like "Nobody ever drowned in their own sweat.", which we say to ourselves and which soon will be monogramend on special edition fundraising Jahidi WHite Intimates, to motivate and look fine! and TRUE!

The latest step in our sweaty climb, is sportfan magazine! WHo is naming us, FANS OF THE MONTH!!! Look for exclusive copies of sportsfan magazine at all Wizznutzz endorsed establishemnts like Greveys, Giant, Modells, Bigg Wolff, The Green Turtle, Zanzibar, University of MD Fraternity Rowm and The floor of SCott SKiles Dodge Dart. And look for our awesome interview with the Pete Sweigarttdd in the magazine and online at sportsfanmagazine.com, but dont look now!! Because its not online yet. We respect Pete Sweigret very much, for his probing questions. His team broke the story on the death of Phil Chenier, so we are flattered. And thanks to explotijng talent like that, we get so many people to our site now, this may be the beginning of an important scene like when Dyaln first played in Bleeker street, or when Camus and Sartre had there first absynthe macchiatto at "The Deux Maggots" in Paris..

But we are humbles and praise jesus for everything and we keep our Nutzz behind our Wizz and being humble to those who came bfefore, like that guy Mahir. .
You see, SOme people survive their famous scenes, like Dorothy Parker and her Algonquin Round table, and others are broken buy it, like Brent Price and Tim Legler and the too powerfulBOMB SQUAD.

James - 6:03 PM




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