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Friday, February 07, 2003

A big all star weekend for the WIzznutzz. We are going to gather around at the circuit city TV again, with our throw back Jimmy Oliver jerseys. And we actually found Jimmy inside Ken's jersey!!! They forgot to take him out he said!!
Dana though is going down to Atalanta for what Mike WIlbon calls "Black Thanksgiving". All star weekend.
Dana will be giving thanks to hip hop and bball celebrites in her own special way. Her tote is filled with Strawberry Chablis Minis, Jovan Musk, and all availablke Protection! Up to and including Potasium Iodide!!
My Darvin Ham ATtalanta All Star Weekend HAMBash(tm) was cancelled, cause only Gene SHue rsvped!!. He asked my if there would be "girls of color" at the party. I wish i had better news for GShue and his needs!!

SO Im gonna be behaving myself this time, and as a cautionary tip off to all you current and ex ballers and baller-ballers: take heed:

THE WIZZNUTZZ RAP SHEET is up and online!!!!

Relive your favorite felonious activites by wizards and bullets. It needs lots of updating, and as long as Rasheed and hius patch of fury are in the league, well be here to update.
Strickland on Murray violence!! Stack on Laettner violence!! Oakley on Mcinnis Violence!!! Cant we all just get along!

We love equality up to 100% at wizznutzz.com and we have special counsel from friend ALDERMAN George Unsled, brother of Wes and champion of the outcast and openminded eveywhere. ANyway, Lots of ALdermen got togther down south at an Aldermen summitt and argued about guys who became girls, and girls with thingies, and there right to sign forms and such. Just when things wrere going rough against shemales everyhwre, and Alderman Meeks was shaking in the corner, our hero George Alderman did the following:

"After noting he'd experienced discrimination all his life, alderman Unseld dramatically pulled his enormous frame up from his desk and thundered, "Mr. Chairman, I rise to vote yes.""

From manchild to manwoman, we love our hero, and paternal thundering assiter George!!!!!!!.

Ken even stood up in the office after reading your speech and shouted "IM GAY!!!" and started a slow clap.
ANd you can still hear those claps from the mothering hut now, though they are slower, and more like scrapes.!!!

James - 4:44 PM




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