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Monday, January 27, 2003

Welcome back Dana! I thought you took care of that velcro situation at the Brazilian Super Spa? The wizards are looking very slumberous these days. That chicago game especially gave me fits cause why doesnt Kwame ever dunk???!! Small hands, is what Mike-oxogrips-Tirico would say but I blame Doug Collins. Unleash the chocolate beastie coach Collins!
And also to see Sister CHristian directing black men about the terriotry like a Cecil Rhodes Collosus!!! But we give it up to our season high Sister for his "consistency he brings to the team", "consistency" being the thinly veiled euphemism de riguer for "White". Sean Elliot how can you let comments like that slide. Cease you careerist unlce tommery at once!

The good news is that now the wizards are in the draft lottery as of today for lebron james and his hummer moma!. If we get lebron (.5% chance! official!) it will be the most customized ride in the MCI parking lot since Ben Wallace defeated Tekken 3 in his tricked out Navigator in a carbon monoxide stupor some years ago. Ben Wallace says to Fear the Fro in the all star game.

What really happened with Sheed and the lemon-drop kid in the parking lot? David ALdridge has some scoops, as does the Oregonian.

Rebound tonight wiz. Menchildren in the spotlight! We want elton brand. elton! elton!

James - 11:54 AM




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