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Thursday, January 09, 2003

Theese r wonderful days to be a wizznuts my friends. sometimes the sun really shinezz.
We have a five game win streak to be sure, and despite espns effoirts to give all the credit to Salieri and fellow court composer Chrissy Snow, it was the kwame larry show for much of the game.
ANd Juaita Jordan DIxon is emerging from his herbicidal latex dome to rejoin the team anyday now!!

But just when we thought this is a good as it gets, comes word that fave baller Rod Strickalnd has suffered a contusion of the Buttocks!!!
Aldermen and medicals that we ask say this means that his ass muscle was bleeding. What this article fails to mention is the latest, and most deifnitely true news astright from Dan the Duke Davis of espn radio, is that this contusion has become infected and will need to be lanced!! DOctors say this means that Staphylococcus Aureus has found his way into Rods bouttocks,(TGI Coccus!!!) and that he now most likely has a "boil", a hard, painful, inflamed tumor, which, on suppuration, discharges pus, mixed with blood, and discloses a small fibrous mass of dead tissue, called the core. woahh!!
How did this befoul our Rod? Was it "hot tub" folliculitis? Tracy Murray and his scorpions? There are son many possibilities. Have at look at this article to get an idea of what could have variably taken place.
Meanwhile Rod, maintain your optimism factor. The ass is resilient. And Also Otis Thrope I for one know has name of country top lancer.

James - 1:50 PM




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