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Tuesday, January 14, 2003

Thats a wonderfully moving portrait of infidelity and cheese dana!
The bad news today is that Jerimaid Stackhouse has a "swollen groin" and will not be leading the playoff thrusting of the next week or so. But the good news is for Kwame Brown getting more playing time and maybe Juanita Jordan Dixon.
Kwame is getting the thumbs up for his fantasy roles. Kwame has played importantr fantasy roles for us since he turned 18!!!
Credit for our playoff thrusts are going to the elders. USA today lists Sister Christian as one of the 10 most underrated players in the Association, while BMore heralds OTown.
The cantankerous uncle offers these incites too his rearing of menchildren:

"These guys talk back," Oakley said. "They're young and they think they know everything. But they have a lot to learn. I'm not mad at them or anything. But when all is said and done, if I have to pull their pants down, I'll have to pull them. But that's the nature of the game these days."

And he gets PAID to do this japery!! I Love this game!

Because Oakley is so elder and wiselike, he is like Treebeard, the tree sheperd from Lord of The Hobbits!!! Because he has a most extraordinary face, and those olde deep eyes, slow and solemn, but very penetrating, and filled up with ages of memory and loong, slow, steady thinking; but their surface is sprkling with the present; like sun shimering on the outer leaves of a a vast tree, or on which is true, and it is an miracle to imagine a tree walking just like to image oakley walking AND his name is OAK-ley!!

His hobbit name though is Mungo Bulge of Hobbiton!!!!!
But thats cool as Patirck Ewings Dutch porn name is Hans Van Goer!!!

Mungo Bulge likes to talk and THIS is what he says.

He also owns alot of Car washes in cleveland, most TRUE! ANd makes alot of money, but no doubt he always wanted a car wash since he saw richard pryor in the far out movie Car Wash. I bet he liked Cra Wash the same way Edgar SoberĂ³n Torchia did cause its
"a collective and populist film about the spirit of community. It is also a motion picture with a few symbols thrown in, probably unconsciously. Since their creation, cars have always been a symbol of status: you are what you drive. The happy-go-lucky car washers offer a `de luxe' service for all: they give the business a `special touch' with their multi-racial hands --not only Negroes, but also Chicanos and native Americans--, through another symbol: water, the classic icon of purification and universal conscience. .... It generates such positive energy, that in the end all of the virtues that appear combined with the vices of the fast, consumerist and violent urban life...., come to the fore: love, compassion, tolerance, patience, solidarity, friendship, happiness. That makes `Car Wash' a joyful and universal parable of survival in the latter days of capitalism. "

Multi-racial hands and latter day capitalism!!!!: HEE-LARIIUS!!!

I alos wanted to add Ledell Eackles to the separated at birth but i cant find a good picture that highlights the charms of his plunging neckline, but he does invoke a certain Gladstone Smallness, Gladstone Small being a turgid and most capable British Test Cricketer from the 1990s. Now he wears a suit!!: "Gladstone: Ledell, Ledell:Gladstone!!!"

Also we are such omnimedia as to form partner ships with the Brimingham Bullets in England!!!! Soon we will have a link for them and they will sent us in return unctuous teabaggery and bugger grips akimbo, and forge cross atlantic friendhsip and awareness of our common man: Kwame Brown!! becaudse logically we thoiught there must be a British kwame doppleganger who plays for birmingham and from looking at their roster, I hedge my potatoes pasties that this UK.Kw.Brown to be: Sullivan Phillips Esq. !! DOnt let the Dudley Bears pry Sullivan free!!

As a gesture of friendship to our new royal partners we reenacted the sailing of General Howe to Philadelphia during the revolutionary war, with Rex Chapman eagerly accepting the role of General Howe. Thanks Rex!


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