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Thursday, January 30, 2003

SOme odd funsize linkz!
This guy jazztbone wrote the song book for the "Bullets Brass", he 12-peice funk band horns for bullets games!

And ex-Bullet Harvey Grant is coaching himself the blue ducks!! Arent blue ducks the thing you put in your toilet to keep things fresh. JDix wears a small blue duck aorund his neck to deoderize, casue he says "nature makes so many beautiful things, but sometime nature gets it wrong"
I know it was widely rteported that JuanDix considered botox injections to curb his pungency, but ironys of all, hes scared of bacteria which is what botulism is!!!!! This dont stop him from pressing "hung duck" Oakley to consider consulting the toilet duck tarot for all his questions on romance and holding on to money and smells.

James - 5:32 PM




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