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Thursday, January 30, 2003

Sally, Sister, Brus..... stop beleiving in your oldness and pass them the damn ball, the new crop, a bumper crop, it easy to do, look for the tall guy who is wide open anmd get back on defense while he scores!!! If Sally Cant get to the Big Dance this year, if we finish 9th in the east, there will be a revolution with blood in the streets, and it will come from the lanced contusions on Rod Stricklands figurative and elder buttocks, and Juan Dixon will stand on a tank, a septic tank!

CHeck it out!!:

"I wish you could hear how many times I say, 'Attack the rim. Don't settle for jump shots,' " Collins said. "We spent the past three or four days . . . saying we have got to throw the ball into the post." aka KWAME

Said center Brendan Haywood (four points on 2-of-7 shooting and nine rebounds): "If the ball doesn't go inside, it's because it's not being thrown inside. We post players, we're hungry to show we can play basketball. We love to rebound or whatever, but we want to go out there and mix it up too, take the pressure off some of our scorers. We can't pass the ball to ourselves." AKA KWAME

SO true! except if anyone could pass the ball to himself it would be the original black narcissus.
MUST WIN GAME Tonight. Actually not must win, but MUST PLAY!!

But there is some good news fellow nutzz:
All STar weekend!!: and the Celebrity Game!! Team Kenny SMith has made us all very proud and selected bOTH MANUTE BOL AND MUGSEY BOGUES, to play with Justin Timberlake!!!!! Sure skeptical types say the NBA is just trying to appeal to both pre-teen grils AND circus fans, but itl make for good, sore ballin'!!! I so excited about this, i have to use the words of Siperstar Justintimberlake to say how i feel about seeing Manute and Mugsey once again standing tall, and not so tall:::

You know, I used to dream about this when I was a
little boy
I never thought it would end up this way, [drums]
It's kind of special right? yeah
You know, you think about it
Sometimes people just destined
Destined to do what they do
And that's what it is
Now everybody dance.

TYhat how i feel, especially the part that says "[drums]"

WIZZNUTZZ Darvin HAMSCOOP alert! :::
JIMMY LYNAM likes to read books, speaking of the two disparate worlds of Manute Bol: check out his poignant book review here!!! Wizznutzz exclusive!!

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