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Friday, January 24, 2003

Salieri bigs adieu to chicago tonight on espn tv.(OR IS HE!!!)

This also means Kwames been getting ready for Tyson Manchandler like Ralph Macchio got ready for that BMX Valley guy Johnny. Wax on KwBrown, waX on!!

Ive been told that we may be wrong to call Juanita Jordan Dixon as "obsessing compulsive" , cause he may also have one or more of the following phobias, (if his rote motions are contained to germicidal concerns): these phobias may be up to and including:

Aphenphosmphobia, Automysophobia, Bacteriophobia, Chiraptophobia, Microbiophobia, Misophobia, and Nosemaphobia
which are all fears of germs or being contamoinated.

And he may also, but less likely suffer from: Blennophobia, which is a Fear of slime, or Chirophobia a cunning Fear of hands.

I think some other wiz/bullets we know may have undiscllosed phobias too.
I wont metion names, but Genuphobia- The Fear of Knees, made me think of one guy malingering on the payroll,
while Dermatophobia, A Fear of skin lesions and Tyrannophobia- the Fear of tyrants, make me think of another, more nubile and littlehanded protege.

But Juan dixon is definitely super clean, so says espn magazine says so. We dont make this stuff up.

Dixon’s teammates respect his late-night diligence. They tolerate his other eccentricities. They notice how he brings his own toilet paper to the locker room -- “I guess the regular toilet paper is a little too hard,” forward Tahj Holden suggests -- and how he brings his own soap and shower shoes. They notice how he gets pregame manicures and how he reshowers 45 minutes before every game, and washes his hands again after pregame warmups, and how he lotions his hands right before tipoff.

And the NBA is a much dirtier game for sure. OTown admits he wipes his ass with old pizza. Tres abrasive!

Alas poor jahidi, who by his own admission is "no longer a simple chubb, but a Gainer, a gainer most defititely".

By espns own admission Jahidi is not signifcant. Look at the wizards injury report. Proving that espn are , as mr berman always suspected, Chub-Hatas.

James - 6:58 PM




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